One Entrée, two sides, rolls, condiments, plates, napkins, cups, ice & drinks $8.49 each.

​additional sides $1.99 each

​+ tax and delivery/gratuity is 18%

Cakes $16.00

Pies $14.00

​Cobblers $16.00

​ There's a 24hr notice for most orders, larger orders my require 48hrs

Ann's Big Breakfast


​Homemade Sausage & Gravy (made in a iron skillet)

Bacon Strips

Scrambled Eggs

​Fried Potatoes

Southern Style Biscuits

$8.49 each

​+ tax and delivery/gratuity is 18%

Amish Jelly $4.50 a jar

​and your choice of Milk, Chocolate Milk, Orange Juice or Fruit Juice

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